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Our no spam policy

Spam is any, unsolicited, bulk email, advertising our service.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes spam. That’s why we do not send spam emails.

That’s why we only ever send bulk emails to people who have subscribed to our services. Our subscription lists are all low-volume too!

Of course, nobody is perfect. If you feel you have been subscribed or have received an email from us in error, please contact us and we will remove you from our lists immediately. You can do this by phone, post, or most simply, by replying to our email.

Savings Calculator

Save a bundle on company energy bills

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Reduce your emissions as well as your costs…

Responsible businesses are increasingly showing their commitment to a better future by “going green”.

Improving your green credentials is a great way of reducing your impact on the environment, will help towards your next audit and set you apart from your competition.

Switching to renewable energy or reducing your emissions can make a significant difference to your carbon footprint. We can expertly navigate you through to a cheaper and cleaner energy supplier, and make the switch for you!