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How to reduce your company's energy consumption

Its not just about finding the cheapest supplier, improving your energy efficiency by reducing the energy consumption of your business can make a substantial impact on your energy bill.

In addition to saving money, by lowering your Co2 emissions you will be reducing your companies impact on the environment.

Factories, Hotels, Warehouses, Sports Clubs, Residential Care Homes, Retail Stores and many other companies have benefited from improving the efficiency of their energy usage with Active Energy Direct.

Successful energy management starts with a desire to reduce the amount of energy you use.We have various different options to discuss with you to find a solution that works for you:

  • Modern Building Energy Management Systems and Energy Efficient Controls
    Make a significant reduction in the running costs for your heating, air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration and processes.

  • Web-enabled systems
    To constantly monitor your plant and equipment, enabling you to view and control your energy usage and identify wastage.

  • Automated Metering and Targeting equipment
    Will give you the tools to understand your energy profile.

  • Sub-metering
    Enables you to understand in much more detail, where your energy is being consumed.
    For example in a particular building, or a floor, or a specific manufacturing process.

Our team of experts will assess your usage and make recommendations on the best solution for your business.

Our money saving strategies includes:

Factoring Occupancy Times

  • Creating Tighter Control Operations for Heating Plant
  • Stabilising Boiler Operations and Zone Controls
  • Optimising the Start and Stop Times for your Heating Plant

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Reduce your emissions as well as your costs…

Responsible businesses are increasingly showing their commitment to a better future by “going green”.

Improving your green credentials is a great way of reducing your impact on the environment, will help towards your next audit and set you apart from your competition.

Switching to renewable energy or reducing your emissions can make a significant difference to your carbon footprint. We can expertly navigate you through to a cheaper and cleaner energy supplier, and make the switch for you!