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Can you save us money?

Its extremely easy, completely free and no obligation to find out!

Wether you are a new startup, just received your renewal letter or just investigating your options with just a few details we can phone/email you the best deals around. We obviously can't guarantee a cheaper deal but we will certainly do our best for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Active Energy Direct?

We charge you nothing, and we send you no bills!

We get paid directly by the suppliers for finding them new customers, regardless of which supplier you choose.

Are We Obliged to Use Your Services?

No our services are 100% obligation free.

We only ask that you consider prices fluctuate frequently, even day-to-day so if we find you a good deal it may be worth taking it up. Also our reputation in the industry means we can get you tariffs that many other brokers can’t.

Will I Roll Over in a Contract?

You could do as the termination windows with suppliers vary quite considerably, if you’re part of the Active Energy Direct client base though you will never roll over, we will always contact you when its time to renew your energy agreements, again there is no obligation on your part.

I’ve Heard the Term Smart Meters Banded About, What Are They?

Smart meters work by taking the meter reading and sending it to the relevant supplier, this means no more estimated bills, you pay for what you have used, no more reading of the meters and phoning the supplier with correct readings for them to adjust your bill accordingly.

What Does It Cost Me?

We charge you nothing, and we don’t send you any bills. Whichever company we put you with will pay us for finding them a happy customer.

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Reduce your emissions as well as your costs…

Responsible businesses are increasingly showing their commitment to a better future by “going green”.

Improving your green credentials is a great way of reducing your impact on the environment, will help towards your next audit and set you apart from your competition.

Switching to renewable energy or reducing your emissions can make a significant difference to your carbon footprint. We can expertly navigate you through to a cheaper and cleaner energy supplier, and make the switch for you!