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Save a bundle on your flaming gas bill!

Posted on Thursday 8th August 2013

This year so far Active Energy have managed to save our customers over £368,000 on their commercial energy bills. The dedicated team negotiate cheaper tariffs everyday for businesses throughout the UK, we get paid from our suppliers for finding them customers so the service is completely FREE for you.

These days, it’s like a minefield choosing the RIGHT supplier for your business. Whether you’re looking for cost savings, green suppliers or getting the right supplier to reflect your business needs – there is help at hand, call the Active Energy Direct team on 0330 333 4109.

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Reduce your emissions as well as your costs…

Responsible businesses are increasingly showing their commitment to a better future by “going green”.

Improving your green credentials is a great way of reducing your impact on the environment, will help towards your next audit and set you apart from your competition.

Switching to renewable energy or reducing your emissions can make a significant difference to your carbon footprint. We can expertly navigate you through to a cheaper and cleaner energy supplier, and make the switch for you!